"Pitching Tents" erects the magic of the 80's. A feel-good throwback that transports you into one of the best decades of cinema. It really is something truly special. Fully recommend! - Back to the Movies
Watching "Pitching Tents" feels like an afternoon in the pub with your old school friends, reminiscing about old times. It revisits the best bits of a 1980s coming of age film, with sensitivity and subtlety. Watch and enjoy. - UK Film Review
“Pitching Tents” Uses Movie Cliches but Doesn’t Rely On Them. Everyone plays their character with an unexpected level of authenticity that I found myself actually getting invested in them. - The Film Philosopher
“Pitching Tents” handles itself with a poise and maturity that transcends its genre, giving us that picture of, yes, teenage craziness, but more so, a portrait of young people recognizing the importance of following your wishes while still delighting in friendship, fun, and actually–hope. - One Film Fan
I am a big fan of Kevin Smith, John Hughes, Cameron Crowe-style, dialogue heavy story driven movies.... "Pitching Tents" is exactly this type of movie. - Nerdly
This movie is an homage to classic 80's teen comedies, only better.... Best eighties teen film since the eighties! - The Indie Film Group
The greater miracle in all of this is the outstanding soundtrack, which is positively bubbling over with great classic 80s rock, pop, and hip hop tracks - ThatMomentIn
The first thing that stood out in the movie was the script, there are some really funny parts written in for the characters, loved Mr Mulligan (played by Jim Norton), his advice to other kids is priceless.... Imagine American Pie meets Dazed and Confused, well that’s what you have with the movie. - Blazing Minds
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